Dunwoody Art Camp for Kids

July 11-14

Local Dunwoody High School Seniors providing your children with an enriching creative experience!

Dunwoody Art Camp for Kids will consist of four imaginative and artistically rich days for children ages 5-10. Your child does not have to be Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo, because we believe everyone has the potential to create beautiful works of art. Each day, your child will make a new art project in various mediums. We will provide a stimulating and rich environment, where creativity and friendships are encouraged. Beyond completing the projects themselves, we will provide education behind famous artists and artistic techniques. The days will additionally be filled with games, snacks, and fun music to ensure your child is immersed completely with the environment around them, away from electronics. We hope your child will come away with a love for art and expressing their individual creativity in an artistic and outside-of-the-box mindset! ​Your child’s health and safety is our highest priority. We will be taking all possible measures to ensure that your child is safe and well taken care of. We will be following COVID-19 guidelines and will have constant fresh air flow within our workspace. Our workspace does not have any pets, and any allergies to pets should not be an issue.