Dunwoody Country Club Maintenance

Prepares tennis facilities for members every morning and afternoon using the facility checklist. Waters, rolls, drags surface and sweeps lines of clay courts. Blows debris and dust from surface of hard courts. Builds-up low spots, shaves high spots, dusts (plugs or feathers material) on all clay courts. Keeps court tapes, nets, fences and gates in good condition. Applies calcium chloride on clay courts. Empties trash from court and facility receptacles. Maintains tennis shoe cleaners. Replenishes supplies such as towels and cups. Cleans court drainage gutters, drains and catch basins. Installs, removes and repairs court wind screen and keeps them neat and tight on the fences. Keeps desk personnel informed as to court conditions. Performs any additional tasks needed to keep tennis courts and surrounding areas in good order. Operates roller, court sweeps, blower, and other equipment needed to maintain courts. Orders and tracks all supplies and equipment needed to maintain tennis facility. Tunes, changes oil in, greases and fuels maintenance machines and equipment. Repairs machines and replaces defective or worn parts of all maintenance machines. Helps obtain quotes for equipment needs and projects. Arranges for any special machine maintenance or repair that requires outside resources. Orders and picks up maintenance machine parts and fuel. Performs up-keep of all interior and outdoor lighting for tennis courts, changing all lights within reach by hand or by ladder. Ensures proper quantity and quality of towels at all times and takes dirty towels to the laundry. Orders and picks up facility supplies such as towels and cups. Performs other appropriate tasks assigned by the Tennis Professional.


DCC Tennis
(770) 392-7788