Dunwoody Elementary Placed on Level 3 Lock Down

Thursday’s threat details from CBS

Note from Principal Sanders to Dunwoody Elementary School Parents:

Toward the end of the school day, our front office received a call that was a direct threat to Dunwoody ES. Immediately, the school was placed on the highest level of lock down and 911 was called. In less then a few minutes both Dunwoody Police and DCSD Police arrived on the scene. While the threat was not considered to be credible based on law enforcement information, everyone does respond with the highest level of alert. The police quickly and efficiently ran a thorough check of our entire campus, and they remained on the scene throughout dismissal. High security and supervision is expected to remain in place until the end of the day Friday. Law enforcement will be on campus.

I am incredibly proud of how our teachers, students, and police responded to the emergency. I realize the today’s events may have been stressful for our children, but they did a beautiful job. I assured them that they are safe and that we would look after them. I also let them know that the police are on our campus to assist us with safety. Our counselors will be available tomorrow to assist any student who may need emotional support.