Dunwoody North Graduation Caravan

Thanks to Maggie Eckard for sending us these pictures and details from the Dunwoody North Graduation parade!

  • HS, college, and grad school grads (included a non-‘kid’…  a husband who went back for a grad degree).
  • 24 grads, 30+ cars in caravan
  • The route was 5.7 miles long, winding through neighborhood.
  • Great support, immediately positive, from Dunwoody City Councilman John Heneghan, Dunwoody North Civic Association President Daine Pearson (DNCA sponsored us for $200), City of Dunwoody Public Works Department Director Michael Smith (to be sure we could pass through a construction zone in the neighborhood), and Dunwoody Police Department
  • Police escort to assist on major roads, but also with us throughout with sirens, etc.