Dunwoody Urgent Care

Welcome to Dunwoody Urgent Care!   You’ve chosen the right place. Let us tell you why…

We are an independent, doctor-owned and operated urgent care facility with a strong focus on community and family. Our community means everything to us and we are passionate about the residents we serve. For nearly 20 years, the entire staff of Dunwoody Urgent Care has been committed to serving the community of Dunwoody and its surrounding areas. We provide medical care that is both of the best-quality and easily accessible. Since opening in November 2005, Dunwoody Urgent Care has taken care of over 60,000 patients, totaling well over 90,000 visits. 

At Dunwoody Urgent Care we try to keep it simple. We’ll do everything we can to take great care of you in a time-efficient way. Thank you for trusting us with your medical care!

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