Edison Prep – Free Resource for Rising Juniors Taking Algebra 2

***Free Resource for Rising Juniors Taking Algebra 2***
Math is the tail that wags the dog when planning out optimal SAT/ACT prep timelines. If a student finishes Algebra II sophomore year, then game on: prep for the tests whenever you feel like it! However, one source of tension each year is students who aren’t starting Algebra II until fall of junior year who wish they could start test prep earlier (e.g. they have a busy junior spring sport + summer camp counselor), but haven’t had that Algebra II content yet. Those students typically start prep in January. That is still the correct route for most Algebra II juniors, but for those who need to start prep earlier (and make junior year math class easier in the process), we created a handy PDF that walks those students through how to best access Algebra II resources on Khan Academy, with checklists and the like to help organize the process. You can access it at www.edisonprep.com/alg2.pdf
About Edison Prep: 
Edison Prep is a boutique SAT/ACT preparation company based in Sandy Springs whose founders are the two most experienced SAT/ACT tutors in Georgia, with over 60,000 hours of experience. All group courses are taught exclusively by the founders. For private tutoring, our small team of tutors has over 100,000 combined hours of SAT/ACT tutoring experience.We’re excited to have just published version 6 and version 13 of our SAT and ACT books that we revise each year to reflect the ever-changing content of the tests!

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