Edison Prep – Important ACT/SAT Score Information & More!

Happy October ACT Score Release Day!

Lots of great Edison Prep news and updates:

1.) Below is a side-by-side comparison of Sept. 2019 ACT (fully in-person) and Sept. 2020 ACT (fully virtual). The results might surprise you; Sept. 2020 results were 21% higher — an average of 5.1 points across all tutoring types/homework completion levels.

2.) We’ve resumed teaching in-person group classes in our renovated socially-distanced classrooms, while continuing to offer online classes as well, in order to accommodate student preferences.

3.) By having the two most experienced tutors in Georgia personally teaching all group classes, Edison Prep consistently achieves a larger ACT increase from *just* our group class than Big Box agencies achieve with private tutoring by inexperienced college-aged tutors — and we do it at 15-20% of the price! Experience matters. Homework completion matters. Literally, nothing else does. More info on our expertise is at www.edisonprep.com/bio.

Classes starting soon!
If your student is taking the Dec/Feb ACT or March SAT, we have 10+ options preparing for those test dates! Check it out at www.edisonprep.com/startingsoon/ or call us at 404-333-8573!

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