Entering Autos at Swim and Tennis Clubs

From the Dunwoody Police Department on 7/5/19

Two vehicles were broken into yesterday at a Swim & Tennis Club in Dunwoody. Bags containing personal property and personal information as well as electronics were stolen from both vehicles. 

As you and the residents in your communities visit the Swim & Tennis Clubs this summer, please remember to leave all bags and valuables home in a safe place or hide them in the trunk of your vehicles – out of site. Some Swim & Tennis Clubs also have lockers that are provided to the members.

Criminals know that visitors to Swim & Tennis Clubs do not want to carry their purse or other valuables to the pool/tennis court and would rather just leave them in the car. Before exiting your vehicle, always check inside your vehicle and make sure there are no bags or anything of value left inside. Always lock your door and take your keys with you. Do not leave your keys or key fob inside the vehicle.

If see suspicious vehicles or persons in the parking lot, try to obtain a vehicle description including a tag number (if safe to do so), suspect description and direction of travel so that an officer can respond.

Lastly, if your vehicle does get broken into, be sure not to touch anything so that responding officers can process the vehicle for fingerprints. 

Please share these crime prevention tips with the residents in your community.

Have a safe weekend, 

Officer Anwar Sillah