National Red Wine Day

Date(s): Aug 28, 2017
Time: All Day
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People don’t’ need an excuse to drink red wine, but they’ll gladly take it. Who do we have to thank for National Red Wine Day on August 8? None other than writer and wine aficionado Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. It’s anyone’s guess as to why August 28 was selected, but we’re guessing that a love of sangria had something to do with it. But you have to feel for purist who can only drink wine at room temperature. For red wine specifically, that’s between 65-70 degrees, which doesn’t sound all that great under the blistering sun. However, if you’re chilling in the AC, it’s all good. And since we’re on the topic of cool, you’re probably wondering which wine will impress your buds. Many people opt for something that’s aged, but not don’t believe the hype — the fact is, 90% of wines should be downed within a year. As for the ones that do get better with age, there’s California Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage Port, and Châteaux of Bordeaux. By the way, don’t feel any pressure to remember all of this. After a few glasses, it’s doubtful anyone will remember to complain about your choice. If for some reason they do, remind them of what National Red Wine Day is all about: having another glass of wine responsibly. With that, let’s begin the festivities!