No Cost Social Security Workshop- Solving the Puzzle

Date(s): Jan 23, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Thursday January 23- Solving the Social Security Puzzle

What is the best age for me to start taking social security? Can I work and collect social security? Is social security taxed? What if I’m divorced or widowed?

*Social Security can impact 1/3 of your life and it’s critical you make an educated decision. We do not cover Social Security Disability.

Thursday February 27  Retirement, Why it’s Different for Women

Retirement planning can be complex. We address the concerns people face such rising medical costs, outliving their money, the challenges women typically face such as living longer than men, time out of the workforce with children and/or as a caretaker. Oftentimes, women have delegated financial decisions to their spouse and are not up to speed. An open discussion about these issues and some possible strategies.

Thursday March 26  Annuities- a Primer

What is an annuity? We talk about how annuities have evolved, provide plain speak definitions of the most commonly used terms and riders along with some of the different costs. Learn if having a annuity as part of your overall financial plan makes sense for you.

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