Sweep the Hooch!

Sweep the Hooch!

Date(s): Apr 06, 2019
Time: All Day
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Murphey Candler Park (MCP) is proud to host three (3) cleanup sites in Brookhaven for the 2019 Sweep the Hooch event – held April 6th, between 9am – 12pm!  

Sweep the Hooch is an annual day of service to the Chattahoochee River watershed mobilizing volunteers on foot, in waders, or kayak/canoe paddlers to remove trash at locations throughout the watershed.  MCP is in the Nancy Creek Watershed, which joins Peachtree Creek and flows into the Chattahoochee River.  

Sweep the Hooch brings people together to give back to the mighty river that gives us so much.  Last year, with the help of over 900 volunteers, we removed 24 TONS from our watershed.  Don’t miss out on this great service day!  

During the 2018 STH @ MCP, we had:

85 volunteers between 3 sites

382.50 manhours worked

10 canoes/kayaks on the lake

3740 lbs of trash and recycling (147bags of trash / 40bags of recycling returned to CHaRM @ Ford Island NRA)

8 tires removed & recycled at Bridgestone/Firestone Tires 4ward Chamblee

MCP will host the same three sites:  North Fork Nancy Creek between I-285 and the lake, MCP Lake itself and Nancy Creek below the ballfields.  We are targeting potential workers from our local residents, PCID businesses, surrounding cities (also in the Nancy Creek – P-tree Creek watersheds), schools, Scouts, churches, HOA/Civic Assoc, sports leagues, Garden Clubs, paddling clubs and more

Peachtree Creek Greenway also promotes two (2) clean-out sites, just North of Brookhaven along the North Fork Peachtree Creek

Details about the event and registration can be found here – https://chattahoochee.org/sweep-the-hooch/