Everything Will Be Ok – Original Song by Doug Allen

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

Two friends sent me copies of this song after the Misty Creek Community Church’s YouTube edition of Palm Sunday’s service went live this morning.  Lo, and behold, my tremendously talented friend, Doug Allen, has written another amazing song.    Inspired by seeing the Everything Will Be Ok signs all over town and a conversation he had with two other friends of mine (Sally and Ken Abele), he sat down and wrote a beautiful song to share with the world.

Doug and his wife Sherry have been friends of mine since our oldest children played baseball together at Murphey Candler park.   Doug is the Worship Pastor at Misty Creek Community Church and his booming melodic voice and talented ability to play MULTIPLE instruments is awe inspiring. 

He has allowed me to share this song with you…..

Everything Will Be Ok

Words & Music by Doug Allen 

The morning sun breaks through the dawn

With hope for all to see

Creation sings its heavenly song

Glory to the King


Birds are singing in the air

Hear their anthem ring

With their melody proclaim

He is Lord of everything



Hallelujah, creation sings

Christ is Lord today

Hallelujah, my soul will sing

Everything will be ok



Flowers rise to face the sun

The trees their leaves embrace

Giving praises to the One

Who binds them with His grace




Don’t worry what tomorrow may bring

His grace is for today

The King of kings is on His throne

And forever more shall reign



Everything will be ok