Face Masks for Sale ~ Dunwoody Face Mask

Note from Audra:  I bought the four circled in this photo…..my boys think they look like 1/2 bikini tops but they work so well and we love that they are washable!  Plus we love Carol and are happy she’s spending hours after getting off work each day to sew these masks and keep Dunwoody safe!

During this Corona Pandemic be safe and fashionable with a handmade, washable, cotton mask. I have limited masks available per week and the fabric options are always changing. One size fits most adults and they have tie strings not elastic! Let me know if you are interested in buying any they are $10 a piece. You can email or message me for details.

Be sure to head over to my Instagram @dunwoodyfacemask where I will be posting fabric options as well as masks when they are done!! Thank you and I hope everyone is staying safe!💕

I’m worried about keeping up with the demand so if anyone else is making masks and wants to join in let me know!



Carol Gaultney