Wealthy Habits

Wealthy Habits camps are provided by a local not-for-profit with a mission to improve the financial future of its students. Camps offered focus on the basics of financial literacy, investing, entrepreneurship, and becoming a responsible young adult. Wealthy Habits is sure to have a program that fits your student’s interest and your desire for a program that is both educational and enjoyable.
Each camp is filled with games and activities designed to teach students basic money and life principles, such as:
• Personal Finance
• Budgeting and Saving
• Investing
• Personal Presentation
• Net Worth
• Insurance and Taxes
• Compound Interest
• and more!

Available 2019 Camps:

Real Money, Real Life
Using many fun games and activities, this camp is designed to teach students basic money and life principles, such as: personal finance, budgeting, saving, investing, credit & debt, taxes, etc. Fueled by competition, you student is almost guaranteed to learn a lot while having fun!

Move Out & Stay Out
Through a series of role-playing games and simulations, students will learn about the financial aspects of living independently and within one’s means. In addition to the basics covered in Money Basics, students in this course focus on important life skills. Topics covered include: resume building & interviews, personal branding, housing, buying a car, understanding insurance, and preparing for college!

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