Find out what food questions Lauren’s friends are texting to her!

By Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

I get a fair amount of text questions, which I love. Most of my texts come from my mom texting me links to articles she knows I won’t read via email. Here are a few I got this week that may benefit you:

  • Can I freeze shredded cheese? Technically yes, but don’t. It’s one things for frozen pizzas, etc. but it really isn’t worth it. Also, don’t freeze good cheese; just eat it.
  • What is a substitute for lemongrass? Lemon zest or ginger, just use less.
  • Where do I buy my pork? Buford highway farmers market if I’ve been good and planned for the week. I have grabbed pork at target and if it’s a thick chop or loin, I’ll brine it for an hour. When you brine, you boil all the ingredients to dissolve and then cool and then put the meat in it for an hour/ hour and half. Then be sure to rinse. I would also add some herbs to the brine.
  • Should pasta for pasta salad be over or under cooked? You actually want it a little bit over…not like, mushy, but a bit past al dente to absorb more dressing or seasoning.

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