Foodie Patty: Staplehouse

541 Edgewood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Set in the 4th Ward district for the past year and a half or so is a restaurant that is the hottest ticket in town.  I know why.  My husband and I had the pleasure of dining at Staplehouse for my surprise birthday present several Friday nights ago. When he originally heard about Staplehouse last September, we immediately called for reservations.  The online booking was 2-3  months out so we put our name on a waiting list but never heard back.  As my birthday approached, he called and left a pleading message to be worked into the schedule.  They graciously returned the call stating that reservations were still two months out but we were welcome to come early to try and get one of the 8 seats at the bar.  When we showed up at 6 pm hoping for a miracle, the hostess informed us that she just had a cancellation for two. Was a lottery ticket coming next?

The story behind how Staplehouse  will tear you apart and what they currently do with proceeds is incredibly inspiring.  Bon Appetit picked a great 2016 Best new restaurant in America when they selected Staplehouse.

The building is a rustic renovated warehouse with a side ally that brings you into an open-air patio with a prep house in the back . The whole feel of the restaurant is very relaxing and laid back.  Don’t let Bon Appetit scare you.

Our wonderful waitress, Maria, explained how the small menu is meant to be shared and served family style.  The menu is not structured with entrees and sides like a traditional restaurant, but rather an array of small culinary creations that will please and surprise you with every bite.

Maria told us that the menu rarely changes but sometimes the ingredients change based on what is fresh with local farmers.  Although the menu is small, they will try to accommodate food allergies, etc. if you call in advance to let them know.

When mussels are on the menu, it’s a must have for me…. although I was a little surprised by their version.  I like mussels in a white wine garlic sauce with bread for dipping.  Although disappointed that they didn’t have my traditional style mussels, the waitress encouraged me to try their version and I am happy that I did……mussels, romanesco, corn crackerapple, nasturtium.  It was so unusually delicious that my palate could not discern what was in each bite…remarkable for such a small dish.  I asked Ed what he thought, and as usual, he thought that it’s not always good to share small plates with me if you actually want a taste.  I like the Idea of sharing; it’s just the implementation that is not my strong suit.

Here’s the rest of what we ordered:  (From the 27 January 2017 menu)

Each dish is so unusually crafted that I am going to list every ingredient so you won’t feel robbed:

  • Steel head trout, red rice, collards, koji and black radish.
  • Beets, beef salami,wheat,escarole
  • Grandma s potato bread
  • Aged duck, green garlic,shiitake,faro,mustards
  • Turnip,kombu,yolk,pea shoots, yuzu

Ed commented “one heck of a dining experience, but it comes at a price.”   

Reservations open on the 2nd Friday of every month.  You’ll have to wait until April 14th to try and get a reservation!

Check out the story behind Staplehouse and add it to your Bucket List!

Until we Eat Again!

“Staplehouse is the Number One Best New Restaurant in America 2016”

“Staplehouse: Nourishing the Soul”

“Inspiring America:  How One of America’s Best Restaurants Helps People Fight Cancer”










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