[FREE event] Your Teen, Ready for College!

Source:  Creating Positive Futures

Your Teen, Ready for College
Less Stress. More Success.

July 14-19, 2018

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During this special online interview series, you’ll hear from 21 experts (including me!) about the latest trends in college admissions, SAT tutoring, psychology, parenting, study skills, and college essays, including…

  •   ​​​​​​​Is it better to get an A in an honors class or a B in an AP Class?  How to choose
     the best classes for YOUR teen and help them earn better grades with less stress.
  •   When and how to prepare for the SAT or ACT — and how to reduce test anxiety
     while improving performance on high-stakes tests.

  •  Why being involved in lots of extracurricular activities can backfire… And how
     to tell the difference between activities that will help your teen stand out
     from the crowd and the ones that are a waste of time.

  •  The right way to approach the college essay and common application to
     maximize your teen’s chances of admission.

  •   The latest tips and tricks for scholarships and financial aid that can help your
     family save ​​​​​​​thousands of dollars on college and avoid student loan debt.

  •   Parenting strategies to help you connect with and support your teen throughout
     the application process — without “nagging” or hurting your relationship​

The entire interview series is online and it’s completely FREE to attend, all you need to do to get access to the interviews is click here to register.