Free Health Coaching with Melissa King

1) Do you wish you could just have a healthy lifestyle without being “on or off” a diet?
2) Do you wish you exercised or exercised more than you do ?
3) Do you wish you could lose weight without counting calories, counting points, or taking pills/supplements?
4) Do you wish you slept better?
5) Do you wish you dealt with emotional eating better and had a plan on how to control that?
6) Do you wish you had daily accountability to someone other than yourself?
7) Do you wish you had a health coach and a team supporting you and motivating you to be the best version of yourself?
If any of those wishes ring a bell with you, then sign up for a FREE 10 day “taste” of what my health coaching through Bod E Talk is all about and can do for you!!
Here is the link to sign up….(use the promo code BT5YR and select Melissa King as your coach)!

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Melissa King
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