FREE Trial Class: Live Online Coding Lessons Taught by Students of Top Tier Universities

Learn2Code offers live online coding classes for elementary to highschool students taught by students and grads of top tier universities. Each course is typically 12-week long and is designed to build computational thinking and boost motivation of kids via highly engaging and fun project-based learning methodology. Every week, students participate in 1 hour of live class and 1 hour of office hour for homework help. During the live class, kids work on mini-projects and write code to create imaginative games, animations and stories. Office hours ensure progress by providing help on homework or clarifying doubts. Students completing advance-level courses are provided access to projects from non-profit organizations to apply their learnings in real world. Courses currently being offered: Scratch, Python, Javascript. Learn to code from the comfort of your home!

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Smita Shrivastava