Girlfriend Gift Guide 2020

by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Shopping for friends is the most fun. I love that all the ladies in my life have such diverse interests that shopping for them is a fun challenge. Here are some ideas to bring some joy to the ladies who have gotten you through life, but especially these last few months.

Wilson Triniti Tennis Balls – For your tennis playing friends, these Wilson tennis balls claims to stay fresh 4x’s longer. The recycled can doesn’t have that notable pop, but the plastomer core and STR felt is promised to provide more bounce and flexibility. Plus, the container is purty.

Oysho Gathered Sandals – For your friend that wears Reefs all year round, these chic slippers have a cult following and it’s easy to see why once you try them. They are super soft but also last awhile. You know this Georgia weather be crazy, so these slippers can carry you through all the seasons.

Tory Burch Masks – For your fashionable friends, many people have told me that these are the MOST comfortable masks. They are affordable and the website breaks down the cost to show that no profit is being made off them.

Silicon Mask Brush – For your friends that knows how to treat themselves, these silicone face mask brushes make a luxurious difference. They make face mask application easier, cleaner and a little bit like you are at an actual spa. They work for all masks from clay to carbonated and clean off easily.

Toilet Paper Hoarding Puzzle – For your friends who would rather stay in with a puzzle, this one looks like an enraging challenge, but I know some people who would love it. Perfect for 2020.

For your messy hair, don’t care friends, let them rejoice in the resurgence of the hair chip clip. I do love a giant tortoise shell clip, but Free People makes these more elegant options.

Cameron McIntosh – For your friends that appreciate shopping local, support jewelry designers like Cameron McIntosh. I love her stuff. She offers a mix of trendy and traditional; simple and elegant earrings to chunky wood and glass beads. Not to mention, she offers lots of super fashionable mask chains, which are like, the new “it” accessory of 2020.


Mom Truths Game – For your friend with young kids, this game lets you bond over the good, the bad, and the embarrassing joys of motherhood brought to you by Kat and Nat of #MomTruths. Think of it as the Cards Against Humanity for moms.

Cell Phone Jail – For your friends with older kids, give them this cell phone jail. Yes, turning of the WiFi router can bring mom joy but the visual of cell phones in jail is also great.

Five-In-One Wine Stopper – For your wine loving friends, this five-in-one wine corker is an aerator, filter, pourer, stopper, and recorker, like the kind that doesn’t leak. It can also be used for liquors, coffee syrups, sodas, sparkling waters, cooking oils, vinegars, etc.