You won’t believe the latest updates regarding the fundraiser for the DHS Class of 2021 senior celebration!

Update:  02/23/2021

3 Big Updates about this fundraiser:

  1.  Insight Global (a local staffing firm) donated $10,000 yesterday.   The person responsible wants to remain anonymous and the only recognition he will accept is for the kids to interview with Insight Global upon graduation from college!  Also, this anonymous dude has ZERO ties to the Dunwoody community or DHS.   He just wants to help the kids! Wowza.
  2. An anonymous family with a DHS Class of 2021 Senior has agreed to MATCH every donation to this cause that occurs between noon today (2/23) and midnight Sunday (2/28).   Wowza again.
  3. Another anonymous family with a DHS Class of 2021 Senior donated $2,000 yesterday!

Note from Audra:   A donation no matter how big or small will help the DHS Class of 2021 have a senior celebration.    DeKalb County is practically the only school district having all virtual school.  The kids are isolated.   This would be a voluntary event and the class of 2021 at Dunwoody High School could sure use your help.

 This is an appeal on behalf of the Dunwoody High School class of 2021 and organizing parents.…

You may or may not be aware that the class of 2020 graduation was cancelled. They were subsequently promised some type of recognition event over the summer. That didn’t happen either. After continued pressure from parents, Dekalb County School District announced graduation dates for 2021: HOWEVER, they did not commit to actually holding graduation ceremonies.

This year, a group of parents proactively explored alternative ways to give these students the recognition they deserve. We negotiated a covid-safe venue for an event identified as an independent and privately funded baccalaureate ceremony/Senior Reflections/recongnition event, but it can convert into a traditional commencement ceremony in the event the county does not follow through with a graduation. Unfortunately, the county and the school principal are denying all support for the event, including monetary support.

These students have worked hard and endured hurdles and disappointments that no previous senior class has ever experienced. They deserve a celebration of their achievements, their unprecedented sacrifices and their ability to overcome all of it.

Dunwoody High School prides itself on a diverse student population, inclusive of all ethnicities, religions, gender identities and socioeconomic levels. A significant portion of the school families are not in a position to allocate money towards a privately funded graduation event; however, the organizing parents are dedicated to including ALL of the students of the class of 2021, regardless of ability to contribute.

We are appealing to the community as a whole to give these students the recognition they deserve. parents, residents, small businesses, corporations. These students have dedicated countless hours volunteering time and effort to the Dunwoody community. Let’s give them at least this one time honored tradition, given the fact that they missed proms, homecoming, pep rallies, senior events and all other typical Junior and Senior experiences.

A Covid-safe and weather-safe outdoor venue is available. The organizers need to raise the funds necessary by the end of the month in order to secure the date.


* Includes: Covid cleaning service before, during (bathrooms cleaned during event) and after event, security, sound, audio/visual technicians, lighting, parking attendants, etc., multiple screens for video

* Everyone is welcome. All 500 members of the Senior class and their families, up to 3,000 people. (Normal venue capacity is 12,000.)

* Covid safety precautions mandatory for all attendees (wearing masks, family units must sit together, adequate spacing between families)