Home Instructions for Removing SNS Polish

Written by The Aha! Connection Style Editor for The Aha! Connection

Hi Quarantine Friends!  I Should have thought to post this earlier, but here are at home instructions to remove SNS polish. 


You will need:


  • Pure Acetone remover (Amazon and most drugstores carry it)
  • Cotton balls
  • Aluminum foil cut in 4×4 inch squares
  • Nail file

Gently file the top of nails just enough to rough up the shine a bit.  Place acetone soaked cotton ball on nail and wrap tightly with foil.  Wait 25 minutes, apply a bit of pressure and pull off. 

I have filed my nails down really short and applying cuticle oil nightly.  Use this time for a period of nail rejuvenation!  We will be back at the nail salon soon!!!


Aha! Style Editor