Homecoming Proposals: Cute or Out of Control?

Should asking someone to Homecoming involve an elaborate proposal with signs, rhymes and gifts or should a simple “Will you go to Homecoming with me?” suffice?


Thanks to the approximately 300 people who took our survey!  What did we learn?  Well, I learned that the vast majority of you agree with me!!! 

Those in favor of HOCO proposals: 5%
Those who think a simple “ask” will suffice: 90%
Those who said “other, either, some middle ground is better, etc”: 5%

When out and about in the community this week many of you chatted with me about this phenomenon.  How do we stop the insanity?  Well, that’s up to the kids but I will say that my high school son agrees with me and plans to scale down the act of “asking a date to homecoming” this year and is working to convince his buddies to follow suit.  We shall see…now I just wonder WHO will he ask!?

For those of you who agree with me and the majority, you’ll like this article that inspired my survey in the first place: 

Just say NO to the Homecoming Proposal Production!

2 thoughts on “Homecoming Proposals: Cute or Out of Control?

  1. The latest from my 9th grader is checking with his guy friends first to make sure who he wants to ask isn’t already going to be asked by one of his friends. I’m like, DUDE! The Early Bird Gets the WORM! HAHAHA!

  2. My kiddo is going with a large group of friends. All are going as “dates”, but only a couple of them are actually couples. As a result the “asks” are pretty tame. She already knew with 95% certainty who was going to ask her. He “surprised” her when she met a girl friend one evening (she pretty much knew this was happening already). He had a homemade poster with the, “ask”. She said yes, because again, they already knew this was the plan within the group, and they both went home. Pretty tame. He spent some time making the poster, but no money, no big gestures etc. I think that was appropriate. He could have done the same thing at school, but it was fun to meet up “coincidentally” outside of school. I think that puts me somewhere between voting for a simple “ask” and “other”.

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