Individual To Call On Doctor Offices In Fulton and North Fulton County

We are an In-Home Personal Care Company looking for individuals (In-Home Care Advocate) for a Permanent Part-Time Position. This position will be promoting our In-Home Personal Care Services for the Elderly and Those In-Need of Care by calling on Doctors’ Offices, Hospices, and other Facilities in Fulton County and surrounding areas. Days and hours are flexible as you can set your own hours. We expect that you will work approximately 20 hours per week. This is a perfect opportunity for mature college students or who would like to supplement their income or individuals who would like to transition back into the workforce. We will pay you $20 per hour, plus mileage and other expense as it relates to the job.
Email Cover Letter and/or Resume if you feel the position fits your needs.
Job Type: Permanent Part-time

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Elizabeth Herrington
(770) 579-5000