Is it time for a Financial Scavenger Hunt?

Bored?  If yes, great time for a Financial Scavenger Hunt.  No, well it is STILL time for a Financial Scavenger Hunt.  If you are quarantined with someone else, then maybe split the list in half and see who will find all of their items the fastest!


  1. Revocable Trusts, if any.
  2. Irrevocable Trusts, if any.
  3. Last Will and Testament.
  4. Financial Powers of Attorney.
  5. Advance Directives for Health Care.
  6. Important List.
  7. Passwords/Pin list (make sure you practice with the person who may survive you that they can use your list).
  8. Memorial Information.  Also, if you have a cemetery plot then that deed.
  9. Real Estate Deeds.
  10. Mortgage Information.
  11. Title Information for car(s), boat(s), motorcycle(s), etc…
  12. Loan Agreements.
  13. Investment Statements.
  14. Bank Statements.
  15. Bonds held individually outside of your investments.
  16. CDs held individually outside of your investments.
  17. Insurance Policies – list and the actual policies. Agent information should be with them.
  18. Marriage Certificate.
  19. Divorce/Separation (legal) papers.
  20. Birth Certificates.
  21. Death Certificates.
  22. Passport/Residency paperwork.
  23. Military papers, if any.
  24. Pension Plan information.
  25. Profit Sharing/401K/403B – work retirement accounts.
  26. Employment contracts.
  27. Partnership/LLC/S Corp agreements
  28. Leases
  29. Checking account.
  30. Savings account.
  31. Credit cards.
  32. 2015 to Present Income tax Returns (Federal and State).
  33. Any other tax returns.
  34. List of friends/relatives to contact in case needed with phone numbers.

Enjoy the search and the organization!  Covid19 will get us organized!!

Wishing you good health and organization,

Laura Schilling
Financial Innovations, LLC

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