Jack the Giant Slayer – a movie Giveaway!

jack giant slayer
Update:  The Winners are Julia Olsen and Laura Marlow
Screening Date:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 – 7:00 PM
Regal Hollywood Stadium 24 @ North I-85
3265 NE Expressway Access Rd, Chamblee, GA 30341

Synopsis:  The ancient war between humans and a race of giants is reignited when Jack, a young farmhand fighting for a kingdom and the love of a princess, opens a gateway between the two worlds.

Rated: PG-13 for intense scenes of fantasy action violence, some frightening images and brief language

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 2 Aha! Winners and their dates will get to see it  a few days BEFORE it opens in theaters on Friday!

Here’s how to win:
  1. Go to The Aha! Connection Facebook Page
  2. Enter a comment on the post about this contest explaining that you are an Aha! Subscriber and why you want to win! (We will verify you are an Aha! email Subscriber)
  3. The winner will be contacted by 2 PM on 2/27 and passes will be emailed to them ASAP.
  4. Please note the movie screening is on 2/27 so don’t enter if you can’t go tomorrow night!!

Good luck!