Kylie’s Voice – ATL Dinner Bell

By Kylie Bick for The Aha! Connection

Ever heard of the new organization ATL Dinner Bell? Adam Kaye, a Dunwoody High School student, felt compelled to do more for those in need around him. He tried to get involved in many different organizations but spent a lot of time waiting for responses and decided to make his own. Eager to do something to help his city, Adam started ATL Dinner Bell. His plan was to feed the homeless and also supply them with hygiene supplies that many people take for granted. With the support of his community, he wants to help others get back on their feet.

There are many ways people can help support ATL Dinner Bell. The organization is currently taking online money donations and food and hygiene donations at their website They are also looking for teenagers and young adults to volunteer who have the same strive to give back. While volunteering not only makes you feel good, it counts for volunteer hours towards colleges. Help ATL Dinner Bell give back to your community!