Lately at Lunch with Lauren

Recent excerpts from our Lunch with Lauren Facebook Group by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

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I am tip toe-ing into trying to lose my quaran-ten extra pounds. Deven Jenkins at Camp Gladiator has made me realize my eating habits are less than ideal. While I do eat pretty healthy, I also skip a lot of meals bc of work or knowing I’m going to eat some insane meal later that day. So hopefully I can post some of my lighter snacks and my Achilles heal, breakfast, ideas. Feel free to share ideas!

The Fresh Market Dunwoody Little Big Meal looks pretty tasty this week. It sounds perfect for summer and starts tomorrow.


Choose between breaded chicken cutlets and savory crab cakes. Add our brioche buns, Legal Seafoods or Stonewall Kitchen Aioli, salad kit and cookies, and you’re in for a delicious lunch or dinner.
What’s included
Meal Includes:
  • CHOOSE ONE: 4 ct Crab Cakes or Breaded Chicken Cutlets
  • CHOOSE ONE: 10-10.25 oz Legal Sea Foods Aioli or 10.25-13 oz Stonewall Kitchen Aioli, Select Varieties
  • CHOOSE ONE: 9-12.8 oz The Fresh Market Salad Kit
  • GET ONE: The Fresh Market Brioche Buns
  • GET ONE: 12 ct Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies

This is a breakfast built for a dad. Sweet potato hash with red onion, bacon, skirt steak, eggs and a little fried onion.
I cooked the bacon and steak first, then removed and tossed in diced sweet potatoes and onion with a little salt and paprika. You want it to get some color, so just let it sit until you see caramelization and then give it a stir and sit a bit more. Once it’s tender, toss the meat back in and cook your egg.

🍑 season is upon us and hooray! I live for a grilled peach. I love them with ice cream or served with pork loin. I served these with fresh mozzarella and basil on baby arugula. Just a little olive oil and balsamic reduction.