Lately at Lunch with Lauren

Recent excerpts from our Lunch with Lauren Facebook Group by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

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Leigh Anne Collins won this cheese board via our Facebook giveaway.  

This is actually a much better list. A lot of mentions of Chef Rob’s in Sandy Springs and Sublime. I also love Le Petite Mache, Busy bee, Atlanta Breakfast Club, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, Desta and as Amy and I’d hoped, the Blaxican.

Sometimes you get a 🍉 watermelon🍉 that is just meh. I chop it up and freeze it for later to let it become it’s best self…watermelon slushies. My kids really do love this and think it’s a treat. Just frozen watermelon and limeade or really any juice to sweeten it up. If it’s for me, i’ll use rosè, sauvignon blanc or a white claw someone has left around here. A little splash of lime soda water is nice too.

I struggle with breakfast the most. Everyone in my family eats something different and I would survive on black coffee alone. Lately, we’ve been meeting in the middle with smoothies. Another find from my Nuts ‘n Berries adventure are these dragon fruit smoothie packs (and the pistachio ginger granola). I made smoothie bowls this morning and it was pretty successful.

Dragon fruit smoothie pack with frozen pineapple, frozen antioxidant fruits from target, unsweetened almond milk and light coconut milk. Then topped with kiwis, banana, whipped cream, granola and ground ginger. Definitely not low in calories but I’m happy to get in fruits and fill some bellies.

As it gets warmer, I like to keep prepared salads for lighter lunches and dinners. I love a tortellini salad. I recently found these Kite Hill gluten-free and dairy-free tortelli at Nuts ‘n Berries, which has an extensive selection of all things gluten-free. I will say that this is an excellent pasta to use in tortellini salad. It is so much lighter than the traditional version.

I diced red bell pepper, orange bell pepper, cucumber, spinach and salami. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.