Looking for after school child care / enrichment for 2.5 and 5 year old boys

We are moving back to Brookhaven after being gone for 5 years but now with 2 boys in tow. I am looking for childcare hopefully including afternoon pickup from pres-school / kindergarten. I have not yet selected the preschool as there are lots of options from 2 day up to 5 day programs that let out between noon and 1pm. Depending on which program we choose there could be a need for someone to care for the 2.5 year old from 9am or so until 4pm/5pm two days per week but I am trying to find the right nanny and then see what schedule works best for all of us. I work from home so I will always be there in case of emergency or if you have need for flexibility some days too.

We will be moving to a house on West Nancy Creek Dr and they will attend school at one of the churches within a 5 miles of the house for proximity purposes for you. Both boys still nap from about noon-3pm or 1pm-4pm range so our current nanny has some freedoms to study or relax during their naps or sometimes helps out with stuff around the house. I am realistic that the boy who turns 5 next month will not nap forever but at present he is the one who sleeps longer and sometimes I even have to wake him up at 4pm.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance.


Greg Goslin
(678) 357-8295