Lunch With Lauren – Ideas for Keeping our Local Restaurants Thriving!

By Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Dunwoody Restaurant Week has wrapped up but I want to encourage you to dine at your favorite local establishments year-round. I know there is a community desire to bring new and different restaurants to Dunwoody, but in order to make that happen, first we have to support the ones we have, to show longevity and prove we are a community that patronizes our restaurants. Eat the Tre P at Novo Cucina; the #15 at E.48th Street Market; enjoy a burger from Village Burger; the Cappelini fra diavolo at Carbonara Trattoria; the Green Juice at PBS; the fish tacos at Marlow’s; the Filet lunch special at DelFrisco’s; the Summer Corn Risotto at Portico; the Traditional at Vintage; the Dad Bod at Vino Venue; the FB Fries at Farm Burger; you get the point.

Before you take to the internet to air grievances, give the restaurant an opportunity to address issues. A restaurant is composed of a lot of moving pieces and A LOT of personalities. There are communication breakdowns just like at your workplace. Also remember to share the love….if a place does a good job, show them love on social media or share the experience with your friends or let me know and maybe we’ll run a feature!

I know it’s easy to laugh about the NUMEROUS pizza places (and banks), but the reality is, we have a diverse group of eateries: Italian, Thai, Greek, Indian, Brunch, Bars, Family-friendly and healthy. Yes, we all want chef-driven, roof top bars, but, if we don’t patronize the places we already have, prospective restaurateurs/investors will not perceive Dunwoody as “worth the risk”.   We’ve checked, and the local rent for restaurants is borderline insane.  Just because a place seems busy, doesn’t mean they are making a profit.  Keep in mind, there is a lot to make up financially (rent, food cost, labor, marketing) before a restaurant can break even.

In conclusion, eat at the places you love; try as many new places as you can; show grace and help keep the Dunwoody restaurant scene moving forward!

2 thoughts on “Lunch With Lauren – Ideas for Keeping our Local Restaurants Thriving!

  1. Thank you for all the fresh info on local Dunwoody restaurants. As a local (and a former waitress, hostess and bartender in my HS and college days) I appreciate all you provide our community. This piece especially rings true. We can only grow our foodie status by supporting our local vendors. Thanks AHA for all the gifts you provide our community.

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