Lunch with Lauren: More text questions…(Knives, GF Bread Crumbs, Grilling Fish, How to slow down Guac brownng….)

By Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Here are some of the text convos I had this week:

  • What kind of knives do you use?

I prefer a global santoku, which is small and light, but my husband prefers a wustof chef’s knife, which is the exact opposite. But to be honest, sharp knife > expensive knife. We have a number of cheap knives from a restaurant supply store that we can toss when they dull. Same with peelers.

  • What would you use for bread crumbs that are gluten free?

    Pulse brown rice cereal in the food processor and make your own.

  • Any tips on grilling fish?
    Fish can be tempestuous on the grill. I take the easy way out and place the fish fillet on sliced lemons.

  • Have you ever used an air fryer?

  • Can I save guacamole without it browning?
    Not like, forever, but if you put it in a jar or sealed container, cover it with some cold water, back in the fridge and pour off the water when you’re ready to use again.