Marlow’s Tavern Giveaway: Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)!

This week, one lucky Aha! subscriber has the chance to win Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)! 

Here’s how to win:

  1. Click the following link to add a comment to this post:  Marlow’s Tavern Giveaway: Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)! (scroll down to the “leave a comment” box). 
  2. Your entry should let us know why you would love to win!
  3. The CEO of Prizes will randomly choose the winner on Friday, June 28! 

Good luck!

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106 thoughts on “Marlow’s Tavern Giveaway: Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)!

  1. Would love to win this!!!! My hubby’s birthday is July 16th and our 31st anniversary is Aug. 6th. Love to celebrate special occasions at our Dunwoody Marlow’s!

  2. I would love to win the Marlows give away! Great neighborhood atmosphere, fabulous food and pleasant servers make for such a great experience. Love brunch too!!!

  3. Love meeting friends on the patio! Hope I win so I can have more girls nights out!

  4. What an amazing prize. There would be so many friends and family to meet at Marlow’s for dinner once a week. Great food and a fun time. Thanks AhHa

  5. Marlow’s is my go to date night escape! Everyone there is super friendly and the food is great! AHA Connection, please pick me!

  6. It’s our cheers! Love the staff, love the food, love seeing friends there. Would love to win!

  7. We are so happy to have Marlow’s nearby. We are regular customers but would love to save some money.

  8. Marlow’s is our go-to for a great girls’ night out! Delicious food, fabulous drinks (New Fashioned!), and wonderful conversation with friends, what could be better!

  9. Love Marlows. Would love some structured family dinners before my youngest goes off to college.

  10. Went to Marlow’s last night with a friend who was visiting from Wisconsin – we loved it! (Shrimp and grits were fantastic). Would love to be able to go move often and this prize would help with that!

  11. My oldest is a senior in high school and it would be a great memory for our last year with everyone home. And a great way to take a break from the never ending cooking and dishes.

  12. Not cooking in the summer heat? Yes, please! Plus a bonus opportunity to see our favorite server Rita!!

  13. With all the restaurants around town, this is one place we haven’t been yet. Would be great to hang out there with my boys.

  14. I’m an AHA Subscriber and would LOVE to win these dinners at Marlows! It’s our go-to place for last minute meals out!!

  15. It would be great to treat family and friends to a meal at Marlow’s once a week and have my husband not cook too! Thank you for the opportunity Ah Ha and a great contest.

  16. ❤️ Love ❤️ Marlows! Black and Blue salad and many more! “If you change your mind, I’m the first in line
    Honey I’m still free
    Take a chance on me”!!!

  17. Rita the server and most pleasant gal ever works at Marlows Dunwoody, sometimes you need to be treated so well!

  18. Great food – great service – great atmosphere! A trifecta of greatness at Marlowe’s!

  19. MARLOW’S = FANTASTIC food/SUPER service/PERFECT patio- whether I’m dining with hubby, kindergarten teachers after working too late at school, or for celebrations! LOVE to be: LUCKY WINNER = FREE DINNER! 🙂 THANKS!

  20. I moved here a few years ago from Florida, away from my 3 siblings but near some of my children and grandchildren. Over the past year, I have dramatically lost my hearing and find that many others where I live, have terrible hearing as well. Sometimes I’d rather sit alone in the dining area then with the fellow residents because it’s tiresome to attempt conversation. At Marlows, I can escape that scene, sit quietly and enjoy dining in a lively place. What a treat! I’m a little technology impaired so I’m using my granddaughter’s email for this message. I turned 98 on Sunday.

  21. This would be so awesome to win!!! We LOVE your food! Thank you Marlow’s and Aha connection!

  22. Love Marlow’s! Currently renovating our kitchen and having dinner would be such an appreciated treat!

  23. Because … can one really have too many ‘Chicken Stacks’?! Both my husband and mines favorite dish. Thanks!

  24. We love Marlow’s Tavern! Would love to win your giveaway and enjoy your delicious food friends and family.

  25. Would love to win dinner at Marlow’s Tavern. Marlow’s has a fun and inviting atmosphere great for family and friends!

  26. Heard about Marlow’s and it’s reputation and would love to take my wife there. We don’t eat out much but would relish the opportunity to dine @ Marlow’s.

  27. I CAN NOT quit thinking about the Black and Blue Salad! I had it for the first time several weeks ago and have been dying to go back and have it again! So good!!!

  28. …eating at Marlow’s always makes my day…winning Dinners for a month
    would make my SUMMER the best ever …woo hoo…please pick me

  29. I want fish tacos In. My. Belly!! Marlow’s is our family’s Go-to restaurant – what a treat this would be!

  30. What a fabulous give-away!! We love eating at Marlowe’s, one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants!! Pick me…pick me!!

  31. We love Marlow’s! Our family has a birthday or anniversary to celebrate each month this summer and need to celebrate at Marlow’s!

  32. We love Marlow’s Tavern (especially after their awesome birthday gift) and would fully embrace the idea of having dinner one night taken care of. A weekly dinner with the family and no screens would be a welcome change in our busy lives.

  33. This would be fantastic! We always say we want to go to Marlows more often. I love the burgers and my husband loves the chicken tortilla salad! Please pick us!!

  34. Marlow’s Tavern is one of the very few places that both my sister and I can eat with our food issues. Love Aha Connection and your math question at the end.

  35. We would love to win as well! It would be a pleasure to go to dinner at a wonderful restaurant once a week for a month, as we go out to eat much less often now that we have a little one. Thank you to the Aha Connection for delivering consistently relevant and interesting content! And thank you to Marlow’s for their sponsorship!

  36. AHa subscriber. LOVE Marlow’s food and staff. Great dining experience. True gem in Dunwoody!

  37. Would love to win. I have 2 sons that have birthdays in July. This would be a nice surprise to go to Marlow’s. . I love aha connections.

  38. We would love to win dinner at Marlow’s. We are big supporters of local Dunwoody restaurants.

  39. My husband loves the burgers. I have never had a bad meal at Marlow’s and like everyone else we would love to win.

  40. My husband I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary on Friday 28 June, dinners at Marlow’s would be a fantastic gift!

  41. Kids are away at camp this summer and we’re ready to get out to eat! Would love to win and have some summer patio time!

  42. Gotta Love the AHA connection!! Would love to spend dinner time with my family at marlows! WOW what a treat it would be.

  43. I am an AHA subscriber and Love the AHA!!! I would love to spend time with my family at Marlows. WOW what a treat it would be 🙂

  44. I would love to win dinner at Marlow’s. A chance for my kids to get a good meal once a week since I don’t Like to cook.

  45. If I won dinner for a month then I wouldn’t have to choose between fish tacos, shrimp and grits, and the steak salad!

  46. Recent empty nesters… Would love to look forward to dinners out at Marlow’s for a month!

  47. This would be almost like a vacation for us, dinner every week for a month! We love Marlows and Aha:)

  48. I would love to win this because I seriously just don’t get out enough and treat myself! I could even bring a friend …the possibilities are endless!

  49. Oh my gosh, this would be amazing to win! 🙂 We love trying new restaurants as a family!

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