Marlow’s Tavern Giveaway: Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)!

This week, one lucky Aha! subscriber has the chance to win Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)! 

If you don’t win, don’t forget to get your free Bubbly with the purchase of a  Marlow’s Tavern gift card this holiday season! 

Here’s how to win:

  1. Click the following link to add a comment to this post:  Marlow’s Tavern Giveaway: Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)! (scroll down to the “leave a comment” box). 
  2. Your entry should let us know why you would love to win!
  3. The CEO of Prizes will randomly choose the winner on Friday, December 14! 

Good luck!

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113 thoughts on “Marlow’s Tavern Giveaway: Dinner Every Week for a Month ($50 value per dinner)!

  1. This would be the greatest holiday present ever! No cooking or dishes to do would leave lots more time for spreading holiday cheer.

  2. Thank you Aha Connection for the opportunity to win dinner at Marlow’s for a month! Marlow’s is our go to place in Dunwoody for great food and fun!

  3. My wife and I love Marlow’s and would love to win a dinner every week. It is the most relaxing atmosphere and the management and staff go out of there way to make you feel you are part of the family. A neighborhood Tavern with the feel of home!

  4. Winning this gift would be a real lift to the spirit of my wife who is going through some health issues. Merry Christmas to all!

  5. OMG! This would be so awesome. Thank’s Marlows and Aha for this potential big win. Everyone will want to be my friend.

  6. Marlow’s has a great menu with so many choices! I would love to have dinner at Marlow’s every week for a month!! Pick me!!!

  7. We love the grit cakes! Actually we love pretty much everything thing there and my picky eaters are happy.

  8. I visit Marlow’s often. OK, I always get the same entree, but lately I have switched “sides” to the grit cakes — Yum!! I would love to win the “dinner every week for a month” prize. Thank you.

  9. This would be so awesome to win!!! I love Marlow’s and it would be so great to take the family once a month!

  10. I am an AHA Subscriber & my husband & I love Marlow’s. It’s close to home & has good food & service.

  11. Love the Aha! connection. We have 3 hungry teenage boys and are about to add an exchange student ambassador from Israel. Could use some free meals! Thanks.

  12. What a great giveaway! Of course I would love to win this with the chaos that the holiday brings and because I love the blue cheese burger !

  13. As an Aha subscriber I would LOVE to win the generous
    dinner for a week giveaway. What a treat it would be introduce my family and friends to your delicious snacks and food and great atmosphere. I would also like to try some new items of your menu!! My favorites are asparagus fries and the bbq chicken cobb wrap and I usually order these every time!!

  14. Our family loves Marlows and has been going there regularly since it first opened in Dunwoody! We also take all of our out of town guests there and they love it too.

  15. Black and blue burger, and the veggie burger are our favorites. We’d love the chance to try all the other yummy things on the menu!

  16. I’d love to win this prize as it would allow me to catch up with friends while enjoying good food at Marlow’s. Thanks for offering it.

  17. My holidays would be a lot brighter if I won this giveaway. I’m pretty much obsessed with your Harvest salad. I’m an AHA subscriber and have never won a giveaway before. If I win, I will tell everyone I know how delicious your restaurant is. Hot tip: try the fried okra.

  18. I’m an AHA subscriber and keep trying to win these Marlows give away. I would LOVE to take my extended family and treat them to dinner!

  19. OMG…a month of dinners @ my favorite Dunwoody restaurant would be the pe absolute perfect Christmas gift (from me-to-me )

  20. My in-laws are long time residents of Dunwoody. Due to my MIL’s stroke, they are eating out a lot. I’d love to win this on their behalf. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  21. Who doesn’t love fish tacos from marlows?! Yum! And we love Aha Connection too! Thx for sharing this great giveaway!

  22. This would be amazing to win! My husband and I have finally found a babysitter for our two year old and have started going on date nights. Would love to go to Marlow’s Tavern!

  23. I love the Aha Connection for keeping me in the loop on all things Dunwoody, and I love that Marlow’s supports the Aha Connection by being an advertiser. It makes me glad to support Marlow’s by eating there regularly! Marlow’s is a great family restaurant that consistently has yummy food and friendly service. Every mom needs a little help when it comes to that dreaded question “What’s for dinner?” so I would love to win this Marlow’s giveaway!!

  24. It would be such fun to take someone who needs some encouragement out to dinner once a week for a month! The holidays can be hard for so many, and this would be a neat way to reach out. Meals on Wheels thanks to AHA and Marlowes!

  25. We love the AHA Connection for keeping us up on all the Dunwoody news! Marlow’s is our favorite neighborhood restaurant….we always see friends & neighbors there, it’s friendly and the food is great!! Pick me!!

  26. I am an AHa subscriber and would love to win dinner at Marlow’s!!! They have the best food and fun atmosphere, Would love to take my family there for the holidays,

  27. I would love to win this generous giveaway! I’m running out of ideas about what to serve for dinner. This is the answer!

  28. Lots of family to cook for over the holidays so a treat out once a month would be so fun! Just said we need to try their shrimp and lobster bisque

  29. I’m an Aha subscriber and always struggle with what to feed my son because I don’t cook. Winning this contest would give me one less day to worry about.

  30. Excellent food I didn’t have to prepare…opportunity to chat with hubby or friends with no distractions…just a couple of reasons I would love to win the Marlow’s dinner giveaway.

  31. Marlow’s is my FAVORITE Dunwoody restaurant, my kids and I would LOVE to have dinner every week for a month there!

  32. We love Marlow’s, but do not get there very often. My husband always orders the burger. He says it’s the best in all of Atlanta!

  33. We love having Marlow’s in our neighborhood!! Would love a weekly meal there, they don’t disappoint.

  34. We love Marlow’s community atmosphere, and their menu is amazing! We work alot at church and any time we can steal away for a date night we love going there! I tell everyone that visits Dunwoody to go! The Prime Rib Dip is THE BEST I have ever had!! What a blessing this win would be to us!! Thanks Marlow’s

  35. Wow, what fun! A date night a week at Marlow’s would provide some serious reconnect time- and I have at least 4 favorites so a chance to enjoy each. Thanks AHA and Marlow’s for the opportunity

  36. Would love to win this for when my kids are home from college! We could save some real money, thanks!!

  37. I’d like to win it because I’ve never eaten dinner there. Not having to cook or do dishes would be nice too.

  38. Would love to win free meals at Marlow’s! I’m so glad we have Marlow’s in our neighborhood and always pick Marlow’s to meet up with friends.

  39. I would be so excited to win this prize!! I haven’t been able to take my boyfriend out to dinner in awhile, so this would be such a great holiday surprise 🙂

  40. This would be awesome!! Not only would it free up my husband a few nights (yes, HE is the cook in our house), but it would also be fun to use it to take a different friend to dinner each week as a treat!

  41. Date night? What’s that? Please remind me Marlow’s Tavern! Thanks to aha for the chance to win!

  42. We are saving for our first house and would love a night out! We have had many fond memories at Marlows with family!

  43. Would love to be able to sneak away for a kid-free date night! A meal where I’m not cutting up someone else’s food for them sounds awesome. 🙂

  44. Nice! I would love to go out to Marlows with my husband and spend some much needed time together! #ahasubscriber

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