“Mill Village” Book of the Week (Author Event- January 30!)

By Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

My dad was raised in a mill village and later became VP of Manufacturing for the very same company where both of his parents worked for 50+ years.   Back in Daddy’s day, Mill Villages were tiny towns within towns.   He grew up in Columbus, GA in the West Point Pepperell mill village.   Back then, in addition to employment, mills provided housing, doctors, and some even had their own semi-pro sports teams.   Sadly, textile manufacturing in the USA is all but non-existent today….and mill villages are a thing of the past.  

When my mom told me about the book “Mill Village” I was immediately intrigued.  Upon further research I realized the author is from my home town and this book is set in the mill village in the town where I grew up…..Opelika, Alabama.   My dad actually worked at the mill in this story and I know this mill village area well!

I loved the book…it’s the author’s first.   She lives in Hartwell, GA now and has agreed to be my special guest at an AHA Connection Book Club Event in January.  We are still working out the details but are planning this gathering for January 30 at Le Meridien Hotel in Dunwoody.  Mark your calendars and plan to read the book!

The book is set in 1943 and alternately in 1992.  In 1992 the mill burned down and a military ID tag is found in the ruins.  Mill Village tells the tale of forbidden love, murder, and family secrets associated with this found ID tag.

Congrats to Carolyn, Becky and Allison – you won copies of Mill Village!

Kindle users can purchase for as low as $2.99 just click the link below!

8 thoughts on ““Mill Village” Book of the Week (Author Event- January 30!)

  1. My grandfather was a carpenter at the paper mill in Bogalusa, LA, where I was born. Would love to have this book to read and share with family!

  2. I appreciate that stories like this about US history live on. I’d love the chance to win a copy. Thank you for the chance!

  3. Missed this give away, but the Pepperell Mill in Opelika was my first customer in the southeast when I moved here in 1990.

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