Murphey Candler Baseball considering affiliation change

Source: The Brookhaven Post

The Murphey Candler Little League Board is considering changing their Baseball affiliation from Little League International to Dizzy Dean Baseball. The Board says this change will allow the organization to continue to deliver an outstanding recreational baseball experience for players and their families. 

“Over the years, Murphey Candler Baseball has been adversely impacted by decisions of Little League International, most recently with the age cut-off date change implemented in 2016,” Boardmembers said in a letter to Murphey Candler Baseball Families. “We also are aware of certain rules that will adversely affect us in the future, such as draft procedural changes that Little League will require. With a change to Dizzy Dean Baseball, our recreational baseball experience will remain consistent with our traditions and legacy while creating even greater opportunities to enhance our families’ experience at Murphey Candler.”

The Board says this move was not made hastily and that considerable research with many of the baseball families and other local youth baseball organizations were conducted. While the Murphey Candler Board recommends the change to Dizzy Dean Baseball, they say the final decision on affiliation rests with the Murphey Candler Baseball families

“At our annual membership meeting on June 12, 2016 the Board’s recommendation will be read more at The Brookhaven Post