My Neighborhood Electrician – Why Call an Electrician?

Why Call an Electrician

Would you consider hiring a handyman to do electrical work just to save money?  Depending on the task, many of us would say yes. 

There are many reasons to call an electrician instead of a handyman.  Electrical projects are dangerous to the non-licensed handyman and may have expensive consequences for the homeowner if serviced incorrectly.  Electricians have multiple years of on the job experience just to get their license.  They are trained and up to date on the electrical codes.  A licensed electrician is usually necessary if your project requires an electrical permit.

Always call a licensed electrician if you experience any of the following:

  • Lights dim or flicker when an appliance or air conditioner starts.
  • Circuit breakers need to be reset frequently.
  • Frequent tripping of GFCI receptacles.
  • Shock from any fixture or discoloration around switch plate.
  • Whenever you need to do anything that requires a connection to the electrical supply.
  • You have not had a home electrical inspection in the last 5-7 years.
  • When in doubt about electrical safety or wiring.

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