My Neighborhood Electrician – Weather Safety Tips!

Weather related injuries and fatalities occur every year, floods being the most common natural disaster in the US.  Lightning strikes kill more than 40 people per year and injure about 200 annually.  Although weather is out of our control, how we prepare and respond to severe weather can reduce injuries and fatalities.

Here are a few severe weather safety tips from ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International):

  • Unplug appliances and electronics in advance of storms to protect them from power surges
  • Use battery-powered lanterns and flashlights instead of candles, which can start a fire
  • Use caution around flooded areas. Submerged outlets or electrical cords can energize standing water and pose a lethal threat
  • Have a licensed electrician inspect your home and appliances before using electricity after any flooding or water damage
  • If you’re advised to turn off power to your home, flip each circuit breaker first then the main breaker
  • Do not touch a circuit breaker or replace a fuse with wet hands or while standing on a wet surface
  • Never go close to downed power lines or any standing water near them. Alert utility companies immediately about downed power lines
  • Do not try to outrun a storm. Instead, seek shelter in a house or other permanent enclosed space

When in doubt, call a licensed electrician!!  My Neighborhood Electrician offers comprehensive commercial and residential electrical services to Metro Atlanta. Call us today at 770-205-2299.  You can also request an appointment online at


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