Neighborhoods Planning Graduation Parades – Don’t miss the one in your neighborhood!

Several neighborhoods are rallying together to honor their seniors.  It all started with Dunwoody City Councilwoman, Stacey Harris who lives in Mill Glen and has a son in the DHS Class of 2020.  Mill Glen is having a police led senior parade  Thursday, May 14th at 5pm during senior week. The kids will be in cars with a parent or sibling to drive them.  Neighbors are putting flyers in mailboxes so everyone is aware. 

The love is spreading and it has been suggested that it might be fun if different neighborhoods did one at the same time as well. 

So far these are the neighborhoods who I believe are planning to participate:

  • Thursday at 5 PM
    • Mill Glen
    • Dunwoody Club Forest
    • Wyntercreek
    • Meadowlake
    • Dunwoody Club Forest West
  • Thursday at 7 PM
    • Oxford Chase
  • Saturday, May 16th
    • Dunwoody North at 11 AM
    • Branches at 4 PM

Comment if you know of others and please feel free to be the person in your neighborhood to jump in and plan this event for your neighborhood.

6 thoughts on “Neighborhoods Planning Graduation Parades – Don’t miss the one in your neighborhood!

  1. We are looking forward to participating in Meadowlake at Dunwoody as part of the Meadowlake celebration. Great Fun!

  2. DCF and DCFW are combining parades today at 5:30. We have 50 seniors and Mr. Steve Fortenberry will be leading our police escorted parade!

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