New – Aha! Advice Column…..Ask a Licensed Professional Counselor for Help

We’re starting something new during Spring Break week and depending on the response over the next few weeks we will keep this going!  Tatiana Matthews  MS, LPC, CRC is not “Dear Abby” but rather a Dunwoody resident, mom of 2 and more importantly, a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Basically, we are going to publish anonymously, one weekly question submitted by an Aha! subscriber along with Tatiana’s answer.   Anyone with a question can submit directly to Tatiana via email to  Our goal is to help not only the person with the question, but also others who can relate and also need help.   People who submit will remain anonymous and even I (Audra) won’t see the questions….only Tatiana.

I asked Tatiana to give us some examples of questions that she can answer and she provided me with the following ideas to get us started:

  • Every night my son does his homework and every morning he forgets to bring it to school. How can I make him remember?
  • My anxiety has become so high since a recent car accident. It’s getting so bad I can’t handle it. What can I do?
  • I recently found cuts on the top of my daughters thighs. It was scary to identify. What is this?
  • My wife recently lost her job. Many days when I come home I find her napping. She seems sad, but when I ask her if she is OK, she says she is fine. How can I best support her?
  • I like a glass of wine every night. My husband says that makes me an alcoholic. Is that true?
  • My daughter has a total melt down when ever it is going to rain
  • When I was younger I had a really hard time making friends. Now I am an adult and I still feel like it is difficult to create and maintain relationships. What is wrong with me?

Is something bothering you?  Ask Tatiana…she’s willing and qualified to offer advice.  Our goal is to publish one question and answer per week. 


Tatiana Matthews