Overnight Summer Camps (Recommendations Needed)

Top-OvernightCamp Please respond to this post via the comment section if you have a good recommendation for summer sleepaway camp(s) for kids.    Do your kids RAVE about their summer camp experiences.   Are your kids ready to go back to camp already?   Let me know and  I’ll create a new recommendation list based on your responses ASAP!  Please share your information so we can all benefit with “happy campers”!   Please include as much contact information as you can….websites, phone numbers etc.

8 thoughts on “Overnight Summer Camps (Recommendations Needed)

  1. My son has been to Thunderbird for two summers and cannot wait to go back. They do offer a return bus from Charlotte to ATL. Great camp lots of kids from the ATL

  2. Camp Pinewood in Hendersonville, NC. I was a camper there and many of my camp friends send their kids now. Great activities and beautiful location.

  3. Please include the YMCA called:
    Camp Seafarer for Girls
    Camp Sea Gull for Boys
    In Arapahoe, NC
    I have worked there for 10 years and it is excellent !!!
    Robin Burch RN

  4. Camp High Harbor at Lake Burton. It’s a YMCA camp and my son has had a wonderful time there for the past two years. He’s already registered for next summer.

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