Perimeter Chamber Announces Strategic Initiatives

The Perimeter Chamber has put in considerable effort to formulate strategic initiatives spanning three or more years. These initiatives aim to support the prosperity of all businesses in Perimeter and the State of Georgia. The initiatives include the following key focus areas:

– Diverse, equitable, and inclusive economic growth
– Regional talent development
– Accessible housing growth

Chair of the Board, Adam Hill, states, “Our strategic initiatives will focus on real problems that are all businesses are facing in the current economic climate. It is our intention to be a leading voice in bringing awareness and helping address these problems for all businesses.”

Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Economic Growth

The Perimeter Chamber will be recognized as a champion of DEI, such that partners, investors, and the business community reflect the diversity of the region.

To focus on this initiative the Chamber will increase the diversity of the Chamber’s leadership; enhance the Chamber’s influence in advocating for and contributing to equity solutions; increase outreach to diverse groups within the community; and increase coordination of resources to promote equity in the region.

“As a Board Member and local resident, it’s inspiring to see the focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) outlined in the Perimeter Chambers’ Strategic Plan. My employer, CRH’s headquarters for North Americas are in Dunwoody and as the global leader in building materials, similarly we strive to create an inclusive work environment through identifying, developing and leveraging diverse talent across our organization. It’s exciting to see how the Perimeter Chamber and CRH are aligned in their approaches to championing DEI talent and growth,” states Sarah Brooks, Board Member and Associate General Council at CRH Americas Law Department.

Jackie Choice, Board Member and B2B Marketing Manager for AJC, Cox Next and Dawg Nation, states of this objective, “Perimeter Chamber has the unique ability to bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials to foster collaboration and drive diverse, equitable, & inclusive economic growth. Engaging in meaningful conversations that stimulate progress and development is the cornerstone of a thriving community and a vital responsibility for the chamber.”

Regional Talent Development

The Perimeter Chamber will lead the effort to close the regional talent gap and prepare the workforce for the jobs of the future.

Focus will include increasing understanding of talent needs and probable solutions within the region; advancing strategic collaboration to meet talent needs; defining and developing key strategic resources; and maintaining focus on the region’s talent issues as a top policy/advocacy priority.

Stephanie Freeman, the President and CEO of the Perimeter Chamber, emphasized the challenge of finding talented individuals and the Chamber’s commitment to address this issue. The Chamber’s focus is on ensuring that businesses in the area have access to the skilled workforce they require not only today but also in the future, spanning ten years or more.

Accessible Housing Growth

The Perimeter Chamber will lead the effort to increase the overall housing supply and diversity, preserving what accessible housing we have, increasing housing stability, and advancing toward more equitable outcomes.

They will collaborate with government entities to encourage inclusion of accessible housing options in land use and development; examine current laws and regulations to identify barriers to accessible housing and provide recommendations; partner with public and private planning entities, community groups, and other agencies that are involved in housing services, housing counseling and education, as well as economic support opportunities; and engage with civic, business, and community groups to promote the benefits of accessible housing.

Stephanie Freeman, President and CEO of the Perimeter Chamber, expressed gratitude towards Chris Clark and his team at the Georgia Chamber for providing valuable support and data on the need for accessible housing growth, as well as other key initiatives. Freeman had first gained an understanding of the importance of these initiatives during a presentation on the New Georgia Economy by Chris several years ago. Recently, Freeman had the opportunity to hear an update on the topic, titled “Reimagined: The New Georgia Economy,” and recognized the monumental changes that have taken place in the region post-COVID. Furthermore, she recognized that the needs of Perimeter Chamber members and regional businesses have evolved, leading to a renewed focus on resolving issues that impact all businesses in the region. This step forward will be a significant achievement for the entire community.

Focusing Further

“The Perimeter Chamber’s strategic initiatives are designed with a forward-thinking, collaborative approach to tackle the challenges of today and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow. By working together, we can identify and overcome the evolving obstacles facing businesses and ensure a bright future for all,” said Paula Shiver, Vice President of Engagement for the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber.

The Chamber has gone beyond the development of strategic initiatives to ensure that these initiatives come to fruition by creating task forces focused on each initiative. The task forces will be led by leaders from the organization’s Chairman’s Council, who will be responsible for driving the initiatives forward. These groups will be charged with providing valuable insights, identifying opportunities, and devising effective strategies to propel the region forward. In addition, the task forces will offer guidance and assistance not only to the organizations they represent but also to all businesses located within the Perimeter region.

How to Engage

To gain more insight into these vital initiatives that impact all businesses, please visit

Individuals interested in participating in these initiatives by contributing their time, expertise, or resources are encouraged to learn more about the Chamber’s Chairman’s Circle at

The first Chairman’s Circle Roundtable is scheduled to take place on March 6 from 11:45 am until 1:15 pm at parklink: State Farm at Park Center, where Chris Clark will be a featured guest. Members of this group are invited to join Georgia Chamber President and CEO Chris Clark, who will be sharing valuable data and information about our state’s communities to help build a comprehensive planning strategy.


The Perimeter Partnership & Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (Perimeter Chamber) is a 501(c)(6) organization that is not tax-exempt. It is governed by a board of directors and managed by a professional staff whose mission is to serve and promote the interests of all businesses and members. As a non-governmental organization, the Perimeter Chamber collaborates closely with community partners and relies on membership investments and non-dues revenue for funding. For more information, please visit

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