Perimeter North Young Life Fall Plans

Young Life’s mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Fall Plans with Covid Precautions:

Our message is STILL Jesus and our method is STILL friendship but we will proceed in the safest and wisest ways possible. While our vision for the fall to share the Gospel with high school kids and help them grow in their faith, the way we do so is different.

We have stacked hands to begin Young Life the week of 9/14 by being together in small groups on our club nights all over town. This model of Young Life will look more like a Campaigners group, but we are going to meet kids where they are by tailoring Gospel proclamations and engaging in conversations about faith. Some groups may be diving deep into what it looks like to follow Jesus, while others may be  discussing who is Jesus and how he relates to us today. We’ve put together a plan for September and based upon how it goes, we will edit for October. This semester has the potential to allow Young Life leaders and kid to connect like never before.Want to stay up to date?

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