Personal Assistant

Note from Audra:  This job is to assist one of my college sorority sisters who lives near Morningside.  Her caregiver/assistant is having some health issues and must retire.

My friend is 48, married, had a massive brain stem stroke in 2003 that affected balance, coordination, vision and breathing but she is cognitively intact and delightful to talk to!

Susan’s description of what she needs:   “I need someone that will help me live my life and be a “decent” housewife. I am looking to hire someone as more of a personal assistant as opposed to a home health aid. Specifically, I am hoping to find someone who will help me live my life more fully and independently. I am dependent on a wheelchair. I desperately need to get stuff done. I need an advocate. As part of the job description I will still need assistance with my obvious daily care – transferring from one object to another, grooming, and some light “straightening up” here and there. However, what I really want is to – understand  and actively use technology (Apple products and Amazon Echo) , bake the occasional appetizer or dessert, help host and entertain friends, decorate my house, find creative and fun things to do with my dogs, volunteer (involving animals), enjoy the arts – go to museums / botanical garden / concerts / movies, travel, take art lessons, exercise … . The hours are 9 – 4:30ish”

She goes to therapy for 2 hours twice a week, works out with a trainer 2 days a week for 1 hour…..loves shopping and playing….movies and bookstores!  If interested please send an email to