How to place a Security Credit FREEZE with all Credit Bureaus:

In light of the latest Equifax breach see these tips and links below from Aha! Subscriber Stephen P.

Due to the recent Equifax Credit Breach, Congress wishes to conduct a hearing on the massive Equifax data breach that potentially affects 143 million Americans (Source:…. ). Some may wish to request Security Credit Freeze, as I’ve done today for $3.00, FREE for seniors 65 years old and older (Source: ). The freeze protects you from others with all your information by prohibiting them from opening up new cards, buying house/s, car/s etc with this information.

Should you wish to be proactive & choose to issue this FREEZE, it is extremely important to record the PIN or CODE these credit bureau/s may give to you at the end of the Security Credit Freeze request / application for future use & to THAW your freeze!

Hope the above helps some, Stephen