Rent-a-Teen! Put these Dunwoody teens to work!

With corona keeping your kids home from school for the rest of the year, most of ya’ll are probably wondering how you are going to get any work done. Don’t worry, Rent-A-Teen is here to help. We have high school students available that can babysit your children (once shelter in place ends), as well as assist them with their school work (they can Zoom). Many of our teens have tutoring experience. We have tons of teens that are home and ready to help you out when you need to get work done. Childcare/Tutoring rates will be $10 per hour plus $5 per hour for each extra kid.

Email us for rates for any service you are interested in…

Jobs we’ve been doing during the pandemic:  pressure washing, lawn maintenance, moving furniture, taking large items to dump, tearing down an old shed, pulling weeds, planting flowers, shopping and so much more!  We wear masks and gloves!