Re-Cap from Last Week’s Lunch with Lauren Facebook Group: Dum Dums, Piggy Pops and Little Big Meals!

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We aren’t sure if this is true but Lauren thinks so…..

It was Lauren’s birthday so she gave away a Moondog Growlers gift card and tickets to Medieval Times!  Congrats to our winners, Cindy B. and Kathy V! 

Lauren shared a post from another Audra (wow, there’s another in Dunwoody!) about this week’s “little big meal” at The Fresh Market.

Finally, Lauren told us about her new new favorite unnecessary thing…a silicon pig mold. That’s right, you didn’t misread that. She sprays with oil then fills halfway with jiffy corn mix and pushes in a lil’ smoky. Bake at 400 until golden. Each mold has 12 pigs and you’ll get almost 24 pigs out of a box of jiffy if you watch how much you fill. Lauren and her kids  love these tiny corn pigs, plus they freeze really well, so you can pull them as needed.