Recent Highlights from Lunch with Lauren: Personal Chef, 3 Chicken Meals in 1, Fresh Market Special

Head over to our Lunch with Lauren Facebook Group and join in on the fun!  Meanwhile, three of Lauren’s top posts from last week can be found below!

Personal Chef for Stress Free Occasions

Have you ever considered a personal chef to make a special occasion stress-free? A friend invited us to her beautiful home to celebrate another friend’s birthday and had Massimo Mariano cook the most wonderful meal. Definitely recommended for your next event!

Fresh Market Little Big Meal

This week’s The Fresh Market $20 little big meal thanks to another Audra in town!

Three Meals out of ONE roasted chicken

When I roast a chicken, we usually get 3 meals out of it. 1. Roasted chicken and veggies. 2. Pulled chicken for bbq or Asian lettuce wraps (this week). 3. Soup. I throw the carcass in the crock pot with stock, whatever I roasted it with and herbs. It creates a rich broth and I’m able to pick all the meat that i wouldn’t have otherwise.