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by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

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Another delicious lunch at Taqueria Los Hermanos Dunwoody with my friend, Tiffany Tucker. Brisket flautas and a strong jalapeno marg hit the spot. 🎯 Fun fact, Tiffany and I grew up together in Austin and she recognized my voice when I was yelling at my kids at Target to stop touching all the dog treats. She lives in Dunwoody and we get to share all our favorites Atlanta places with her.

We actually have a bunch of vintage recipe books and I think all of these are represented.

I made this “healthier” potato soup. Usually I make a roux and add heavy cream and butter, but since it really isn’t cold, and I wouldn’t be angry about losing 10+lbs, I wanted a lighter version. I boiled carrots, celery, onions and potatoes in chicken stock. Once tender, I pureed with an immersion blender and seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder. Then I lied to my family about why it had an orange tint from cheese and definitely not carrots. This recipe lacks the richness of heavy cream and butter, but it has great flavor and I don’t feel bad adding bacon.

National Noodle Day and decisions, decisions. Dunwoody and Sandy Springs have SO MANY CHOICES. JINYA Ramen Bar, Okiboru Tsukemen & Ramen, Nai Thai Cuisine, Singha 99 Thai Street Foods#LetsDoLunch #DineInDunwoody City of Dunwoody – Government Discover Dunwoody, GA Visit Sandy Springs

My daughter, Peyton, and I love to watch The Great British Bake Off together. The latest episode had a rainbow bagel challenge, so we set out to find some in Atlanta. We found BBs Bagels in Alpharetta, but not like Avalon Alpharetta, ya gotta keep driving. When we pulled up, the lot was FULL. I think dining in would be pretty quick, but we waited in the rain, collectively for about 20 minutes. When you are standing in the rain, after driving 25 minutes, for rainbow bagels, you start to assume that there is no way it will be worth it. Note, it would have been less time if my husband hadn’t called an audible and asked for corned beef hash at the last minute, which I mentioned more than once.

Turns out I was pleasantly surprised because it was totally worth it. Everyone loved their bagel and the corned beef hash was delicious, so I had to eat crow on that. Big bagels with chewy outside and soft inside. Lox spread could have been lox-ier, but still enjoyable. We added crumb cake and it was also a win. If you are planning on making the drive, I would call the order in ahead or make plans to dine in. The breakfast menu looked great.

Budi’s Sushi has their soft opening today (Friday) in their new location next to Village Burger. Go and support them if you have a full understanding that this is a soft opening. This is an opportunity to further train staff, test systems and most importantly meet our community. I think this will be such a gem in our local culinary community. #LetsDoLunch #dunwoody

🚨🚨🚨 It looks like Tastee Spoon is open! It’s located in the former Burger IM spot. Can’t wait to try some tastee Jamaican flavors!