Recipes you will LOVE: A Valentine Season Feature from Foodie Patty

by Patty Moncrief

AHA Connection Recipes you will LOVE

I think most of us can agree that Valentine’s Day can be a daunting holiday, especially for guys. I know it is a bit unfair, but some of us ladies have high expectations for what Valentine’s Day should be.   We put just a LITTLE pressure on our significant other not to screw up. The best Valentine’s gifts I have ever received from my husband are the ones that weren’t the most traditional, but those that were well thought out and from the heart. The best way to win me over is a delicious dinner (that isn’t burned) made by my husband. Since I am the one in our house that does most of the cooking, it is such a treat to have a home-cooked dinner made by my husband that isn’t shish kabobs.  

In an attempt to ease some pressure on your spouse or significant other, I wanted to have a short series on recipes by some of the best guy chefs I know. Each week from now until February 14, I will feature favorite recipes from some of our local Bobby Flays. Ladies, make sure your husband doesn’t miss this series. You’ll still get the helpful and fun information that comes out daily. The first featured chef is my dear friend and neighbor, Matt Kern.