Recipes you will LOVE: Today’s Featured Chef: Matt Wright

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Aha! Connection Recipes you will LOVE

Matt & Allison Wright
Matt & Allison Wright

A common thread that most of our “chefs” share is Murphey Candler Park. Matt is no exception. He coaches all four of his sons in baseball, serves on the men’s board and coaches on the football side too. As if that isn’t enough, Matt is the co-owner of Wright’s Gourmet in Dunwoody with his father. Everything I have tried on their menu has been scrumptious, but if you take the advice from my BFF, Susie Neel, the chocolate on chocolate cake is truly sinful. I will look forward to trying the chocolate if I can pry myself away from the lemonade cake.

FYI, Matt had no idea I was going to plug him or his business. I got the entire scoop from Susie N.

~ Patty

The following recipes constitute one of my wife’s favorite meals that I cook for her and I hope you enjoy it as well.

By the time you are done cooking  you should’ve had your favorite wine poured and some music on and now you’re ready to enjoy Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Bon appetite!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Matt Wright