Rotary Club of Dunwoody Fundraiser

The Rotary Club of Dunwoody – Press Release – 9-12-22
The Rotary Club of Dunwoody recently launched its second annual Exclusive Whiskey Raffle. The raffle features limited ticket sales of 150 for each raffle with drawings on October 20, 2022, November 17, 2022 and December 15, 2022. Proceeds will fund their annual charity projects: the Dresden Book Drive, The Special Olympics Basketball Tournament, and Feed the Troops at the USO, among others.
The October drawing features two bottles of bourbon from distilleries local to Atlanta. The first is ShortBarrel Toasted 101, a small batch Kentucky Bourbon aged a few long Kentucky summers, re-barreled in new traditional medium toasted barrels for a minimum of 21 days. The result is a pleasantly balanced toasted bourbon with just the right amount of vanilla, candy, and sweet oak flavor. Bottled at 101 proof this bourbon will surely become a staple on any bar. The second is from the Distillery of Modern Art, a very new distillery. The bottle is a corn whiskey that is currently being distilled. Because of this, the bottle may not be ready at the time of the drawing, but if it isn’t, a gift certificate will be provided for later pickup. Ticket cost is $10.
The November drawing features a bottle of Weller 12 Year. Packing a nice amount of intensity for a 90 proof bourbon, the Weller 12 Year finishes with a gentle ramp up of heat and intensity. Pecan, caramel, and a faint red fruit note are the first to appear, while a quick and fleeting burst of warm oak rounds out the flavor profile. Ticket cost is $20.
The December drawing features a bottle of Blanton’s Gold. Blanton’s Gold is a higher proofed version of Blanton’s that is only available in International markets and duty-free outlets, if you are lucky. Ticket cost is $30.
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